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Do you trust your propane supplier to offer the best propane and fuel oil prices and prompt delivery? Are you looking for a company that treats you like family?

It’s time to experience reliable, regularly scheduled propane delivery at the best possible prices with PepUp. PepUp has been delivering the best service, products, and propane and fuel oil prices to our neighbors on Delmarva since 1963.

Check our expanded service area map to see if we service your location, then call (800) 638-7802 or fill out the form below to learn more about our current special offer.

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Hit the Easy Button! FREE Propane Tank Monitor for New Automatic Delivery Customers

You already know that propane is energy-efficient and saves you money, and that it’s reliable, environmentally friendly, and always ready to supply all the heat and hot water your family needs.

BUT, did you know that PepUp Automatic Delivery features an optional wireless tank monitor? Talk about easy! With wireless monitoring of your propane levels, you don’t have to worry about running out of propane at any time of year – even when using PepUp for your vacation home needs.

Now through July 31, 2024, switch to PepUp and receive a FREE wireless home propane tank monitor. Let’s consider the benefits:

  • “Always on” wireless monitoring tells PepUp when your home needs a propane delivery so you don’t have to check tank levels!
  • We’ll let you know your home is scheduled for Automatic Delivery, no worries about calling to schedule.
  • Backed by our “No Run Out” Guarantee, Automatic Delivery with wireless tank monitoring keeps your home fueled and ready to go, all year long.

PepUp is Delmarva’s most trusted local propane company for a reason. Sign up during the month of July to beat the fall rush, and enjoy clean, reliable propane, 24/7 emergency service, and PepUp’s legendary customer service and dependability.

Learn more about the benefits of wireless tank monitors, and consider your other options for remembering to get your propane tank filled. We think you’ll love going wireless!

Contact us today to upgrade your propane service with PepUp and get your wireless tank monitoring service up and running. The PepUp team is ready to help you make the switch. Let’s talk!

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*Offer applies to customers who sign up by July 31, 2024, use our Automatic Delivery service, and use propane as the primary heat source for their home or business. Free wireless tank monitor ($90 value) valid for aboveground tank set installations only. Previous propane supplier will be responsible for pickup of your old tank. Speak with a customer service representative for more details. “No Run Out” Guarantee $100 credit applies to Promise Plan customers. Non-Promise Plan Automatic Delivery customers receive a $50 account credit if we accidentally let you run out of fuel.

Get the latest propane and fuel oil prices from PepUp. We’re here to answer all your questions about propane service, delivery, setup, and per gallon pricing.

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We listen to your individual needs and work with you to develop a customized plan for your fuel requirements that is sure to fit your home, farm, or business.

With multiple fuels, delivery options, and payment options, we can help you develop a delivery timeline and pricing structure to lock in the best fuel, propane, and fuel oil prices and service anywhere.

Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.

Fill out the form or call (800) 638-7802 to speak with a customer service representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each PepUp special offer features a paragraph with terms and restrictions below the form on the page. Ask your Energy Specialist about additional costs that may not be included in the special offer.

When you speak with your Energy Specialist, ask about current per-gallon pricing. Propane cost per gallon fluctuates depending on several factors, but a level payment program through PepUp can help you manage pricing fluctuations by averaging monthly payments throughout the year. Ask about our payment plan options!

Each special offer’s contract requirements and levels of service are outlined in the terms of the offer, below the form on the page. Be sure to ask questions about those terms when you speak with your Energy Specialist.

If you’re switching from another provider, we recommend that you call your current provider to ask about contract cancellation fees and tank removal procedures so you understand your options, responsibilities, and a timeline to prepare for your PepUp tank delivery.

If you are leasing your tanks from PepUp, there is a minimum amount of fuel we ask you to use annually to avoid a tank usage charge. However, this will not be a concern for most customers, since the minimum is only one tankful per year.

Each special offer is structured to include savings and free services on a time-limited basis, as noted by the end date in the terms of the offer below the form on this page. Ask about the PepUp Referral Program if you’re switching based on the recommendation of a current customer, and ask your Energy Specialist about the Promise Plan, Automatic Delivery, and our “No Run Out” Guarantee.

Your propane delivery cadence depends on which options you choose when you sign up.

  • You can opt for Will Call Delivery, which requires manually checking your tank and ordering propane delivery when your gauge is nearing 30 percent.
  • Scheduled deliveries are based on estimated usage and can be set according to what you and your Energy Specialist determine is the best for you: monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Automatic Delivery customers have the option of adding wireless tank monitors that alert PepUp when the tank needs to be refilled, automatically adding your home to our delivery route before your tank gets too low for your appliances to work efficiently. As a bonus, Automatic Delivery and Promise Plan customers are the first ones whose tanks are filled in the event of a fuel shortage.

Emergency propane delivery is available whenever your tank unexpectedly runs out. Here’s a guide to help walk you through what to look for, and how to request an emergency tank fill.