Home Comfort Solutions

Fireplace Inserts and Home Comfort Solutions

PepUp offers propane-powered water heaters, including the popular Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater, space heaters, and propane fireplace inserts and log sets. In addition, we’ll install your home comfort solutions and provide the fuels you need to keep them working, year-round.

Rinnai® Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai® is the #1 selling tankless water heater in the USA because it offers a range of benefits to make your life easier.

The Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater saves energy by heating water only when you need it—no more tank that constantly heats and cools water all day long! With the tankless technology, you’ll have unlimited hot water when you need it. The system heats the water using heating coils. But the benefits aren’t limited there:

  • Saves space: the unit is easily mounted on a wall
  • Typical life expectancy of up to 20 years: twice as long as a traditional water heater
  • Battery back-up system
  • 12-year limited manufacturer warranty on the heat exchanger
  • Green up to 96% efficient and ENERGY STAR® qualified

Stop by any of our district offices to see a selection of propane tankless water heaters. We can also custom order a wide variety of sizes and colors from Rinnai® and install your new water heater for always-available, propane-heated water for your home.

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Propane Fireplace Inserts

We offer propane fireplace inserts from top manufacturers including White Mountain by Empire and Peterson. Remote controls are also available.

Fireplace inserts come in 2 types:

Direct Vent technology uses two vent pipes: one to draw air in from outdoors to support combustion, and the other to exhaust the by-products of combustion to the outside.
Vent-Free technology uses the air in the room for combustion and delivers 99.9% of available heat energy directly to the room.
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Propane Fireplace Log Sets

We offer propane log sets from Peterson and White Mountain by Empire, two of the top manufacturers in fireplaces. With 3 different sizes available (18″, 24″, and 30″), there is definitely a size to fit your fireplace. Remote controls are also available, making operation quick and convenient for you!

Log sets come in 2 types:

Vented log sets can be installed in an existing fireplace (requiring a chimney/firebox). These applications have a more realistic appearance and provide excellent ambiance.
Non-Vented log sets do not require a chimney/firebox and allow more heat to stay in the home – perfect for supplemental heat.
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We have a selection of fireplace inserts and log sets set up in our district offices to view. We can also custom order a wide variety of fireplace inserts and log sets from any of the brands we offer.

Space Heaters

Rooms that aren’t served by your home heating system need a reliable and powerful heat source of their own. A space heater is perfect for these applications.

Gas space heaters, made for residential applications, are available in direct vent, vent free, or B-vent configurations.

Direct vent systems are made up of two parts – one for the system exhaust and the other for the combustion air intake. The combustion chamber of direct vent systems are completely sealed (and vented outdoors) and no air from the home is used. Generally, direct vent systems have a smaller flame.
Vent-Free space heaters use no piping, allowing you to place the space heater wherever you need it. The burner is designed to be 99.9 percent efficient and feature automatic safety shut-off controls. These vent-free systems (also called console heaters) are available in heating-only or visual-flame options. These systems do expel a fair amount of moisture into the home, which can pose a problem in rooms with many windows.
B-Vent systems are installed through the home and end above the roof. These systems use home air for combustion, but the amount is minimal. Fumes are vented outdoors and the system is relatively efficient.