Penguin Mascot

Meet PepUp's Mascot, Trip

Trip is more than just a mascot. He represents PepUp’s friendly attitude and commitment to keeping customers comfortable (especially when it’s cold outside)!

Originally, the Pep-Up, Inc. penguin was named Peppy. When Tri Gas & Oil purchased that company and we all rebranded under PepUp, we decided to revamp Peppy, too. We gave him a cute new look, and our employees voted on his new name. Ultimately, they chose a moniker that honors the Tri Gas Family of Companies. Now, Trip is a beloved symbol of our combined workforce!

image of Trip mascot

Trip's Favorite Things

Did you know? Trip has favorite things, just like us! His include: fish, krill, propane, Christmas, crosswords, pebbles, sailboats, and Chesapeake blue crabs -- not necessarily in that order! He's also always ready to dress up for a holiday or seasonal event; be sure to check out all of his outfits below.

image of trip mascot costume

Where to Find Trip

Local Events

Trip will be at various local events throughout the year, including the Federalsburg Christmas parade!

In Our Offices

Trip periodically journeys to our various office locations across Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Even if he’s not there when you are, you might be able to find some penguin-themed decor!

On Social Media

You never know when Trip will make a fun appearance or share some of his helpful propane tips! Be sure to follow us on all of our social pages, linked below.