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PepUp, Tri Gas & Oil, and Annapolis Propane Brands Unite

The propane company you know and trust now has a new name. While the name has changed, we remain committed to investing in relationships and service you can depend on.

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A 60-year heating oil and propane company legacy

As a local propane company also offering heating oil and fuel, PepUp has served the Delmarva Peninsula since 1963. Our story began serving our neighbors in the poultry industry, and today, our neighborhood has grown.

PepUp now serves Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland homes and businesses

PepUp has adapted to change and growth throughout the years by keeping our focus on providing the comfort and convenience solutions our customers need. Our goal is always to keep in touch, customize fuel plans for your home, farm, or business, and maintain the relationship we’ve built with you.

Even as we focus on the needs of tomorrow, PepUp remains anchored to serving our long-time oil and propane company customers and local communities. That will never change.

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What will change?

You might notice that your regular propane delivery driver has a new paint job on his truck, or a new uniform or hat with the PepUp logo. As we make the transition to the new PepUp brand, you may also receive communications from PepUp via mail or email.

It will take some time for all our trucks and uniforms to reflect the new PepUp brand, because we want to focus instead on continuing to be your connection to reliable fuel, oil, and propane delivery and services.

We’re rolling out the new PepUp name and logo in phases so you can get used to it. If you have questions along the way, please reach out to your driver or directly to our local customer service teams or district offices.

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What you can expect from PepUp

Aside from the new name and logo, we’ll be looking into how we can better serve you, our long-time customers.

As the Annapolis Propane, TriGas & Oil, and Pep-Up brands combine to become a unified oil, fuel, and propane company, we’re more concerned with people over profit. We’re still a family-owned company with generations invested in serving our communities, and we value the connection we share with our customers.

We don’t want to lose that, no matter how much we grow.

You are our top priority, and you always will be. Now, we’ll be able to connect with even more customers through an expanded delivery area, more local offices and storage facilities, and a larger customer service and delivery team. Together, we’ll find even better ways to serve you and more of your neighbors.

See for yourself how our service area is growing.