Home heating oil delivery requires clear access to the home's oil tank. Image of a heating oil tank outside a home.

Heating oil delivery and use: The 5 best tips from Delmarva residents

Scheduling or preparing for a home heating oil delivery in the winter can sometimes be necessary to ensure a warm and comfortable home during the cold months. Here are five tips to help you stay on top of your home heating oil needs, and prepare for delivery if you’re caught running low during the winter.

Tip #1: Monitor your oil levels

Regularly check the gauge or use the manual dipstick to determine how many inches of oil remain in your tank. This will help you estimate when a refill might be necessary, and avoid damage to your heating system.

Heating systems typically rely on a constant supply of heating oil to operate efficiently. If your tank runs empty or the fuel level drops too low, the heating system may struggle. This can lead to malfunctions, excessive wear and tear, and even damage to critical components. Monitoring your oil levels ensures that you always have an adequate amount of fuel to keep your heating system running smoothly.

Here’s how to check your oil tank level using the “stick” method

Customers in the PepUp service area usually don’t have an external gauge that allows for a quick visual inspection of heating oil levels inside the tank. Instead, you’ll need to check your heating oil levels using a “stick” method that’s similar to checking your car’s oil using a dipstick.

  1. First, you’ll need a clean stick that’s at least 6 feet long to ensure you can reach the bottom of your tank, and not lose the stick inside.
  2. Next, locate your fill pipe, remove the cap, and insert the stick straight down until you hit the bottom of the tank.
  3. Pull the stick out slowly and measure how many inches of oil are on the stick.
  4. Use this Fuel Inches Chart from PepUp to determine how many gallons of oil you have left in your tank, based on the size of your tank and the inches of oil on your stick.

PepUp heating oil measurement chart: calculate gallons of heating oil left in your tank by finding the size of your tank and using the dipstick method to measure inches remaining in the tank. Use this chart to convert inches to gallons remaining.

Tip #2: Schedule heating oil delivery before levels get too low

During the winter, establish a routine to check your oil levels once or twice a week, depending on your usage patterns. This will allow you to estimate when it’s time to schedule a delivery and avoid running out of oil.

Don’t wait until your tank is completely empty before scheduling a delivery. It’s important to plan ahead to avoid running out of heating oil. Contact PepUp for heating oil delivery early, especially during periods of high demand, to ensure you have enough fuel to last through the colder weather.

Tip #3: Consider automatic delivery

To eliminate the stress of monitoring your oil levels and scheduling deliveries, consider enrolling in Automatic Delivery from PepUp. This service uses an advanced monitoring system to track your oil usage and automatically schedule deliveries when you are running low. This helps avoid the risk of running out of oil and ensures a convenient and uninterrupted supply.

Tip #4: Keep your heating oil tank accessible

Before the scheduled delivery, make sure the pathway to your heating oil tank is clear of snow, ice, or any obstructions to the walking path. This will allow the delivery driver to access your tank easily and safely. Keep in mind that a clear and accessible pathway also helps expedite the delivery process and avoids potential delays.

Tip #5: Communicate any special instructions when you contact PepUp for delivery

For example, if there is a specific entrance to your property, a locked gate, or a dog on the premises, make sure your delivery driver is aware. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient delivery experience for everyone, and your driver will thank you for keeping pets contained during your delivery.

Bonus tip: Have a backup plan

When it comes to winter preparedness in our region, it’s important to have home heating backup plans. Have backup heating options that are indoor-safe, such as propane fireplace inserts or space heaters.

PepUp offers emergency heating oil delivery on Delmarva and throughout our delivery service area in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, so you can call us 24/7/365 for emergency delivery at 800-638-7802. We’ll deliver your heating oil quickly. Having a plan in place for while we’re on the way will help you, your family, and your water pipes stay warm and safe.

PepUp heating oil and petroleum fuels delivery driver Pat Quail

Meet Contributor and PepUp Petroleum Delivery Driver, Pat Quail

PepUp heating oil customers in our Georgetown, DE, district may recognize this familiar face. Pat Quail has been delivering home heating oil to our customers for six years, and he always has a minute for a question or a friendly chat.

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