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How to request emergency propane delivery when your tank runs out

It’s important to keep an eye on your propane tank’s fuel level to prevent running out of gas, which would require ordering an emergency propane delivery. That’s why so many PepUp customers choose Automatic Delivery services to minimize the risk that their home’s propane will run out, especially during the winter months.

How do I check my propane tank level?

Home propane tanks are equipped with a gauge that indicates the current fuel level. The gauge features a needle pointing at a number that indicates the tank’s percentage fill level. If the needle is in the red zone or near empty, it’s an indication that your tank is running on empty and needs refilling.

We recommend calling to request a delivery when the tank is showing 30%. This allows us plenty of time to make a delivery before you run the risk of running empty. When your propane tank levels are lower than 30%, there are a few things you might notice that indicate it’s time for a delivery.

Other indications your tank is close to being empty include:

  • Appliances quit working properly. When a propane tank is running low, appliances that use propane may exhibit reduced performance. They may produce a lower flame or struggle to maintain a consistent temperature. If you notice a decrease in the efficiency of your propane-powered appliances, it could be an indication that your tank is nearing empty.
  • Sulfur smell or difficulty lighting. Propane has a distinct odor, often described as similar to rotten eggs, which is added to aid in detecting gas leaks. When a propane tank is almost empty, you may smell that additive around your tank. Also, if you experience difficulty lighting your propane appliance, it may be due to a lack of gas.
  • Orange or yellow flames from your stove top burners. Propane flames typically burn with a blue color when the fuel supply is sufficient. When there isn’t enough propane reaching the burner, the flame may fail to burn efficiently, resulting in a change of color to yellow or even orange. Other factors like a dirty burner or insufficient air intake can also cause a change in flame color, so only consider flame color an indicator of low levels when accompanied by one of these other signs.

If you’re caught off-guard by a sudden need for propane, especially when it’s cold, take these steps:

  1. Check your tank gauge if you can do it safely to confirm low tank levels.
  2. Keep calm, and call PepUp to schedule emergency home propane delivery. PepUp’s primary customer service number is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we always have drivers and technicians on call to help our customers with emergencies. Call 800-638-7802 right away if you suspect your tank is empty.
  3. Make sure your propane tank is accessible for your driver.
  4. While you wait, secure alternative heat sources if you’re without heat in the winter. This could involve using electric space heaters to keep warm and keep plumbing pipes from freezing. Avoid using potentially dangerous heating methods (like open flames or inappropriate heating devices), as they can pose a risk to your safety and property. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any alternative heat sources you’re using and ensure proper ventilation. Here are some helpful tips about safe space heater and fireplace use.
  5. Insulate and conserve heat. Close doors, windows, and curtains to minimize heat loss. Use blankets, layer clothing, and focus on one or a few smaller rooms to stay warm until the propane is refilled.
  6. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. If you’re experiencing extremely cold temperatures and have elderly, very young, or special-needs family members, let us know when you call. Depending on your delivery timeline, you may need to visit someone with heat or request help getting fragile family members to a warm location.

The best winter propane heating plan is Automatic Delivery

PepUp’s Automatic Delivery service is insurance against getting caught without home propane. Our “No Run Out” Guarantee means never having to worry about running out of propane when it’s cold out and your home – and family – depend on propane-powered heat.

PepUp automatic delivery propane tank monitoring device.
PepUp uses propane tank monitoring devices like this one to see your tank levels in real time and schedule delivery before you run out.

If you find yourself in need of an emergency tank refill, take the steps outlined above to get your tank refilled quickly. Then, consider signing up for The Promise Plan with Automatic Delivery. PepUp takes your home energy needs seriously, and will make sure your home stays fully fueled and warm when you need it most. Best of all, The Promise Plan makes it easier for you to budget for annual propane needs by spreading out your costs over the whole year.

Friendly PepUp propane delivery driver Jeff North

Meet Contributor and PepUp Home Propane Delivery Driver, Jeff North

Customers in our East District – Federalsburg area may recognize this smiling PepUp face. Jeff North has been delivering home propane with a smile since 2021. Jeff says the best part of his job is getting friendly waves on the road. His favorite propane appliance is his easy-to-use living room fireplace insert.

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