A PepUp home propane delivery driver fills a residential propane tank in Delaware.

How to prepare for your home propane delivery: A checklist

PepUp home propane delivery customers on Delmarva and throughout the PepUp service area can help deliveries go smoothly by addressing a few maintenance tasks. Priority one is to assess your propane tank access routes to ensure residential propane service delivery drivers can safely and quickly deliver propane.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you prepare your home for propane delivery from PepUp. Still have questions? Contact our energy specialists and let us know if you see any gaps in our checklist. We want to make sure our customers have all the information they need when it comes to propane service, home propane delivery, and propane home comfort solutions. We’re here to help!

Home propane delivery on Delmarva: Customer checklist

  • Leave gates open, or at least unlocked. If your propane tank is beyond a gate that your delivery driver must drive or walk through, make sure it’s unlocked. If you’d rather not leave your gate unlocked, make sure someone is home at the time of your delivery to unlock the gate for your driver.
  • Keep pets safely contained. Even the friendliest pets can cause issues if they attempt to escape during deliveries, so keep your pets and driver safe by securing your four-legged family members when it’s time for a delivery.
  • Keep driveways and pathways clear, from the road to your propane tank valve. Delivery trucks are about 10 feet wide and up to 30 feet long, so consider that when evaluating the path to your tank. Our trucks have about 100 feet of hose, which usually allows our drivers to park on a street or driveway when delivering propane to your home. Still, consider the path they’ll need to walk and run the hose through, and make sure it’s safe and clear of brush, ice, snow, and any other obstacles that could prevent a successful home propane delivery.
  • De-ice driveways and walking paths when needed. Apply salt to your driveway and a walking path that leads to your propane tank when it’s icy outside and you’re expecting a propane delivery. This will make your delivery go smoothly, and your driver will thank you!
  • Mark your fill valve if it’s not clearly visible. We know that propane tanks sometimes need some camouflage to help with your home’s curb appeal. Mark your tank’s fill valve location so it’s easy for your driver to find and fill your tank. This is especially important for underground tanks. Use a flag to clearly mark your fill valve location if you think it might be difficult for your driver to find it easily.
  • Maintain your tank level. Propane has a tendency to expand and contract with temperature changes, which may lead to decreased tank pressure during cold winter months. If your tank level is low when it’s cold outside and the pressure decreases, it could cause your propane appliances and even your home’s furnace to work less efficiently, or not at all. Watch your propane level to ensure that your tank is never less than 30 percent full to keep that from happening.

Let PepUp maintain your tank levels

PepUp offers automatic home propane delivery service that eliminates the need for you to check your tank levels or order home propane delivery. Your propane delivery driver will still appreciate you using the checklist to make sure your propane tank is easy to find and fill, even when you’re an automatic delivery customer. You just won’t have to check your tank level in the cold!

With automatic delivery and the PepUp “No Run Out” guarantee, we’ll keep tabs on your propane levels and automatically send a driver to refill your tank before it reaches critically low levels that affect your family’s comfort and convenience. Reach out to our energy specialists to learn more about automatic delivery options, and eliminate the guesswork and worry. Our team will have you covered!

John Amos, PepUp propane service technician, checks a tank for safety after a service call.

Meet Contributor and PepUp Home Propane Service Technician, John Amos

Customers in our Glen Burnie District may recognize this PepUp team member. John Amos has been serving our customers since 2022, and he appreciates how much our customers go above and beyond to make sure their propane tanks are easily accessible.

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