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3 Ways to Remember When Your Home Needs a Propane Refill

You have plenty to worry about every day, without the added stress of wondering when you need to order a propane refill for your home. That’s why PepUp makes it easy to “set it and forget it” with Automatic Delivery – we’ll monitor your tank and schedule the refill for you, well before your propane runs out.

Still, you have options when deciding how you’ll remember to refill your propane tank. Let’s walk through each one to determine which is the best option for your home and family needs.

Option 1: Wireless Automatic Tank Monitoring with Automatic Delivery

With a wireless tank monitoring system and Automatic Delivery, a device is installed on your propane tank to track the fuel level through sensors. This information is transmitted to PepUp regularly. When the propane level drops to a predetermined point, the system alerts PepUp, and we let you know we’ll be filling your tank within a certain time frame. This is an automatic refill order, ensuring you never run out of propane without having to check the tank levels manually.

Benefits of Wireless Propane Tank Monitors:

  • Convenience: These systems provide real-time tank level monitoring without the need for looking at the gauge, saving time and effort.
  • Automatic Refill Requests: PepUp monitors automatically request a refill when the propane drops to a certain level, ensuring you never run out.
  • Peace of Mind: With continuous monitoring, you don’t have to worry about checking the tank, especially during peak seasons or when you aren’t at home.
  • Energy Efficiency: By tracking propane usage patterns, you can optimize your energy consumption and potentially reduce waste.
  • Cost Management: Monitoring allows for more efficient refills, potentially avoiding emergency deliveries or the higher costs associated with letting the tank run low.
  • Safety: This service reduces the risk of running out of propane, which can be a safety concern if it’s used for heating during cold months or for other essential appliances.

Considerations for Wireless Propane Tank Monitors:

  • Installation and Monthly Fees: There is an upfront investment when installing the monitoring hardware, and a monthly fee may apply for monitoring. Talk with your Energy Specialist about those costs.
  • Technology Reliance: Like any tech solution, there can be issues with signal loss, battery life, or system malfunctions that could affect reliability. PepUp has recently upgraded to the latest monitoring technology to solve past issues with monitor reliability.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some homeowners may be uncomfortable with data about their energy usage being transmitted to third-party companies over wireless devices.
  • Over-dependence: Relying solely on technology could lead to complacency in physically checking the tank, which might be necessary if the monitor fails due to physical damage.

Option 2: Regularly Scheduled Automatic Deliveries

You can set up a consistent delivery schedule with PepUp to ensure you don’t forget to order propane. By estimating average usage, you can arrange for periodic refills (for example, every month, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually for seasonal homes).

This system works well for households with predictable propane consumption, though it’s a good idea to occasionally check the tank to adjust the schedule if you have guests, experience a spell of cold weather, or otherwise suspect you might be using more propane than normal.

Benefits of Automatic Home Propane Deliveries:

  • Consistency: Automatic Delivery means propane is replenished at regular intervals, reducing the risk of running out.
  • Convenience: You don’t need to monitor tank levels closely, since you’ll have a steady supply. (We still recommend you check tank levels between deliveries, just to be safe.)
  • Budget Planning: Knowing when deliveries are scheduled can help with financial planning, as costs are more predictable.
  • Seasonal Preparedness: In colder seasons or high-demand periods, scheduled deliveries can be adjusted to ensure ample supply when needed most.

Considerations for Regularly Scheduled Home Propane Deliveries:

  • Inflexible: Deliveries scheduled based on estimated usage may not account for fluctuations, possibly leading to delivery of more propane than needed or, conversely, a shortage if usage unexpectedly increases. You can always call PepUp for an off-schedule delivery if your tank reaches 30 percent.
  • Missed Adjustments: If homeowners fail to update providers about changes in propane usage (like added appliances or decreased usage), the amount of propane delivered could be inadequate. Contact a PepUp Energy Specialist if you add propane appliances, or permanent residents to your home.
  • Lack of Price Flexibility: Propane costs per gallon fluctuate according to certain factors, including seasonal price changes. For example, you could miss out on rock-bottom July propane prices if your delivery is scheduled for August, when demand tends to increase in the Mid-Atlantic. PepUp offers customers a chance to get ahead of price increases by pre-buying fuel for the year; speak with an energy specialist to learn more about that potential cost-saver.

Option 3: Manual Check and Calendar Reminders for Will Call Delivery

A more hands-on approach involves manually checking the propane tank gauge at regular intervals and then noting the level in a calendar. Set up calendar reminders to check the gauge every few weeks so you can call and schedule a refill when the tank reaches about 30 percent capacity. Utilizing digital calendar alerts or a dedicated app for reminders can ensure that you don’t forget to check and maintain your propane supply.

Preparing for a delivery? Here’s a propane delivery checklist to keep handy.

Benefits of Manually Checking Propane Tank Levels:

  • Flexibility: Ordering propane as needed allows you to purchase fuel when prices are lower, potentially saving money.
  • Control: Manually checking gives you full control over when to order propane based on actual usage rather than estimated schedules.
  • Awareness: Regularly checking the tank increases awareness of your home’s energy consumption patterns, leading to more informed decisions about energy use.

Considerations for Manually Checking Propane Tank Levels:

  • Risk of Running Out: If checks are forgotten or delayed, there’s a higher risk of unexpectedly running out of propane. That can be a big issue, especially during cold weather.
  • Time-Consuming: Regular manual inspections require time and effort, which can be inconvenient.
  • Inaccurate Readings: Human error or difficulty in reading the gauge accurately can lead to mistimed orders and empty tanks.
  • Higher Prices: On-demand deliveries might come at a time of year when prices are higher if you wait until your tank reaches 30 percent capacity.

Hit The Easy Button with PepUp Automatic Delivery

For many of our customers, the choice between manual monitoring, remote monitoring, or Automatic Delivery comes down to convenience. Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of each option for making sure your propane tank never runs out, speak with an Energy Specialist about your options. We’ll answer any questions you might have and get you set up for Automatic Delivery: we’ll set it, and you forget it.

PepUp has you covered.

Image of Ben Fulton, PepUp delivery driver of 23 years, preparing to fill a customer's propane tank.

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