PepUp Propane Delivery Driver Jeff North prepares to complete a Delmarva resident's LPG tank delivery by filling and safety testing the new propane tank.

How to prepare for your LPG tank delivery and setup: A checklist

If you’ve made the decision to have PepUp deliver and set a new home propane tank, congratulations! Here’s a quick checklist you can use to prepare for your liquid propane gas (LPG) tank delivery and installation.

  1. Verify LPG Tank Removal Arrangements: Confirm that your previous propane company, if applicable, has scheduled the removal of their old tank to avoid conflicts or delays. Talk with your installation scheduler to make sure this is the right plan of action for you. It may be advisable to wait until your new LPG tank is set and hooked up before scheduling removal of the old tank. PepUp installation crews can move your old tank out of the way for easy pick-up later.
  2. Have Underground Utility Lines Located: Use the Miss Utility “Call Before You Dig” service to mark underground utilities to prevent accidental damage during installation. This is a great, free service you can utilize before you start planning your tank location, so you can see any issues with current utility line placement. It’s easy to remember the phone number, too: just call 8-1-1. Allow 7-10 days for your lines to be located.
  3. Check Local Codes: Review local codes and regulations to ensure compliance with distance requirements from buildings, property lines, and ignition sources. While this is a great thing to consider before you decide where to put your tank, you don’t have to do all the research yourself. PepUp energy specialists keep up with local codes and can help you plan for installation by assessing your site and helping you choose the best spot.
  4. Choose Your Tank Location: If the new tank is not going in the same spot as your old tank, pick a level, accessible propane tank location that meets safety regulations.
  5. Clear Access Path: Ensure a clear path to the old tank for easy removal, and to the installation site for the new tank. Here’s a checklist of what to do to prepare for propane delivery. When you’re preparing for a new tank set and installation, start with that list and then consider additional site and supply line route accessibility for machinery, tools, and vehicles.
  6. Prepare the Base: If necessary, prepare a solid and level foundation, like a concrete pad or stable gravel base before the LPG tank delivery date.
  7. Clear a Path for Vehicles: Clear the area of any debris, vegetation, or potential hazards that could impede the delivery or installation process. PepUp propane delivery trucks are 10 feet wide and 30 feet long and weigh several tons, so you’ll at least need to plan for delivery truck access. Ask your LPG tank delivery scheduler if there are other accessibility considerations for your installation day.
  8. Secure Pets: Keep pets indoors or in a secure location away from the installation area to ensure their safety and to prevent disruptions. Our drivers and technicians thank you for keeping our team, and your pets, safe and indoors.
  9. Discuss Details with Installers: Review the installation plan with the technicians when they arrive, to make sure you’re on the same page about tank location and any site-specific considerations.
  10. Safety Check: After installation, a PepUp technician performs a safety inspection and proper testing of the system before use. Feel free to watch this inspection so you know where connections are located, and what to do if you ever smell propane gas in your home or near those connection sites.

Let’s Schedule Your PepUp LPG Tank Delivery

When you’re ready to take advantage of PepUp’s local propane delivery service, automatic delivery, and our “No Run Out” Guarantee, speak with an energy specialist about starting new service. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you’re getting the right size tank, payment plan, and delivery schedule for your home and family. Check out our current specials to see if there’s a new customer special you’d like to learn more about!

PepUp Service Technician Joey Weddell helps with LPG tank delivery in Galena.

Meet PepUp Contributor and Service Technician Joey Weddell

Joey has quickly become an integral part of the PepUp service team. When you have new residential propane service and lpg tank delivery completed at your home in the Galena district, you may see Joey and a few other members of our team. They’ll make sure your tank is set properly and that your propane supply lines are connected safely. Thanks for all your hard work serving our customers, Joey!

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